Catie Minx Nipples

Here the petite and lovely Catie Minx poses for a great topless shot. Her breasts are on the small side but they’re very full, in the bloom of youth, and she’s got some pert little nipples that harden up very nicely when she’s aroused. Now we just need to get her wound up so we can enjoy them!


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Catie Minx Perky Breasts

Catie Minx is slowly stripping down for a little alone time. The way she’s biting her shirt and the way her shorts are open is just so crazy enticing that it’s hard to even look at her without trembling with desire. The good news is I think she’s trembling just as much. There’s love in the air.


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Catie Minx With No Pants

I’m not sure if we caught Catie Minx in the act of getting dressed or if she usually spends time at home wearing a shirt with a plunging neck and nothing else, but either way I think we’re all just very happy to have a chance to check out the shaved pussy of this strikingly sexy little beauty.


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